Manufacturing Community Sectors


New developments in aerospace add to our region’s manufacturing strengths.


The region is burgeoning for automotive manufacturing and transport.


The chemical industry is one of our top three industries for the region’s employment.

Forest Products

The region is home to the largest bulk forest products port in the U.S.


Distribution is a growing industry sector for the Southwest Alabama region.

Information Technology

A nationally recognized region for expertise in information technology and protection.


The core of our regional manufacturing industrial ecosystem.


A booming region for development in the steel industry.
“By achieving such an impressive distinction, our manufacturing community has demonstrated incredible growth thus far and an unwavering determination for progressive development in the future of our local industries. With local and federal support, our region will continue advancing towards further success in partnerships with different industries.”        
William S. Stimpson, Mayor of the City of Mobile
“To be designated one of 12 manufacturing communities is a huge win for Mobile as we continue to work on recruiting in several industry clusters, including advanced manufacturing and shipbuilding. We have a significant number of manufacturing industries creating jobs in this region. Our ability to develop and train our workforce will be key to ensure continued growth here.”
Bill Sisson, President and Chief Executive Officer, Mobile Area Chamber of Commerce
“This designation affirms what has always been our approach to economic development, that is to engage all aspects of the community in our recruitment of new industries to this area. Using that same model, the Manufacturing Community Consortium broadens that base and institutionalizes the informal regional collaborative that existed heretofore.”
Merceria Ludgood, President, Mobile County Commission
“This puts focus on our region, recognizing an alignment of efforts that has created a manufacturing hub in coastal Alabama and laying the groundwork for future growth. The Manufacturing Community designation allows us to receive coordinated support from nearly a dozen federal agencies with $1.3 billion available in economic development assistance.”
Lynne Chronister, Vice President for Research and Economic Development, University of South Alabama
“Aside from the diversity of the stakeholders involved with this effort, what jumped out at me was the breadth and depth of the collaboration, not just in discussion but in actions.”
Jay Williams, Assistant Secretary, Department of Commerce, Administrator EDA